In the wee hours…

In the wee hours of a balmy morn in June,

I look out my bedside window and stare at the moon.

Reminiscing upon the entirety of my existence thus far,

Of my birth in idyllic peace and of my youth lost in the fog of war.

With the first love in adulthood came the bliss of a happy marriage,

‘Twas a glorious evening when we first went home in an ornate horse drawn carriage.

We went through life with what little we had and I must say it has been a decent run,

Raising three children caused some heartburn but in retrospect there was far less sorrow than fun.

Before we knew it the trio were off to fend for themselves by means of their own,

One became a politician but the other two actually work for a living and have little to bemoan.

Now are my life’s days of dusk littered with silence, many things not yet done and words left unsaid,

My COVID-19 prognosis is rather grim and in less than a week I will be quite dead.

So fare thee well mankind and please do find more reasons to come together,

For the world’s children are watching our disgraceful conduct and are nearly the end of their tether.

In the wee hours…