The champion’s mindset

I recently had a brilliant conversation with a rather remarkable young lady to whom I posed a few questions.

These are a summary of her responses to my questions.

I find them quite astounding given her tender age. I am sure you’ll agree.

  • Ruined is that kingdom in which the ruler sleeps more than the subjects do.
  • If I have time to even think about scrolling through my Social media news feed, I have time to exercise and learn something new every single day.
  • I don’t say “I don’t know.” I say “I don’t know yet.” I then find out ASAP.
  • The customer’s money does not stop moving after 5 pm on any day so why should my commitment towards the task? I run it like I own it!
  • If I haven’t become indispensable to the business, every word in my resume means nothing!
  • I don’t think “I lost so much money!” I think “Now I’ve learnt 1 more way of not losing so much money!”
  • Sometimes I am the coach; sometimes the quarterback; at other times a running back; yet at other times the wide receiver and so on. On some special occasions, I am all of those combined. I suck it up and get on with it!
  • Countless geniuses have died penniless and many more will. Get back on your feet & march onward!