The President of the United States of America

Since it is abundantly clear that election fever has irrevocably gripped the U.S.A., I thought it might be a bit fun for us all to peruse the essay below.

Upon some reflection, I suppose this same essay might apply equally well in any democratic country.

Application for the job position of The President of the United States of America

Good morning my fellow human beings. On this glorious day, 7th July 2019, I consider it my honour and immense good fortune to hereby submit to you my application as a candidate for the job position of The President of the United States of America in 2020.

Please note that my brief essay to you here is the cover letter of my application for the above stated job position.

Since this job position is that of a public servant, may I remind you that makes you my hiring committee.

I am fully aware that the job position’s primary responsibility is to ensure freedom, justice & equality for everyone who wishes this country well. I am equally cognizant of the fact that you’ve grown tired of countless promises made and then ruthlessly broken over the years by several candidates who have actually filled this job position in the past.

Needless to say, ours isn’t the only country where such setbacks frequently occur but that is certainly no excuse for such repeat offenses in ours.

I can promise you that I shall not be making that same grievous error.

How can I be so sure you ask?

That is because starting tomorrow for the next 52 weeks, I shall be spending 4 weeks each in 13 randomly chosen cities (i.e. 1 city in each of 13 randomly chosen states) with the aim of resolving 1 of the top 3 issues that city faces as listed by many of you in the nationwide survey that I sent out 2 months ago. I thank you for taking the time to fill out that short but important survey.

I trust you’ve had a chance to review and share the results of that survey which I’ve posted on my personal blog as of last week. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to please do so at your earliest convenience.

If at the end of 52 weeks I have completed my 13 tasks, I shall retain my candidacy and you must then of course exercise your right to vote and thereby accept or deny my application in 2020.

On the other hand, if I have left even 1 of those 13 tasks incomplete for any reason at all, I shall withdraw my candidacy right then and there because if I cannot get the relevant parties in any 1 of those 13 cities to work together with me to resolve an issue that means the world to you in 4 long weeks, then I have already failed you miserably.

What hope then do I have even if I am elected to this office where decisions made and actions undertaken affect many millions of livelihoods and lives each day?