The Lady Rose

My dear readers & listeners, I hope this blog entry finds you all in good health & spirits…inebriating or otherwise.

One of my readers from Australia contacted me yesterday asking to have her grandmother’s life story published on my blog in the form of a poem. The dear old lady passed away a few months ago at the ripe old age of ninety-six years leaving behind three of her children, seven grandchildren & four great-grandchildren.

I thus present that poem to you all now. I do hope you like it.

My reader did ask me kindly not to mention her name or her grandmother’s name anywhere in the poem and so I have taken what one might well call an artistic liberty and named the poem ‘The Lady Rose’ in her grandmother’s honour.

Surely you’ll agree that it comes across as a rather dignified title with which to refer to a sweet old lady who although lived her entire life under relatively humble circumstances from a materialistic viewpoint is regarded as no less than a queen by all those who knew her.

The child was born at the stroke of eleven on the twelfth of January 1923,

In a country where women were treated unfairly and bound by ad hoc rules while men roamed free.

Her father however was an exception to the rule and believed women were in no way inferior,

Thus in the interest of his daughter’s proper upbringing came to live in a city north of Lake Superior.

The child came into her own in an environment of love, trust and egality and made many a friend,

Some of whom chose not to pray, some knelt when they did and some others their meals suspend.

She had her first crush on a soldier who went to war and never returned leaving her in tears,

Soon after graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Finance duly celebrated by her peers.

Went to work for an accounting firm in Rochester, New York shortly after Eva Braun was widowed,

Miraculously avoided a stray bullet one bright and sunny day while casually crossing the road.

Met the love of her life in the lobby of a hotel during breakfast in Cleveland, Ohio,

While there to watch the Rams defeat the Redskins in quarter three leaving the fourth one O-O.

Married and settled down in St. Petersburg, Florida and went on to become a mother of four,

Three glorious daughters and one darling son the last of whom died young in a deadly downpour.

The couple persevered and did everything within their grasp to give the girls an excellent start,

One became a volleyball coach, one a formidable wrestler and the third an executive at Walmart.

The memory of her little boy never dimmed from her mind that was as sharp as a razor to the last,

The family gave her the pleasure of naming the first great-grandchild after him to honour the past.

She was always dignified and of even temper except when she encountered a spider anywhere,

One who fretted not for riches in things that don’t last but for those in need always had time to spare.