Ladies and gentlemen…I hereby present…YOU!

My dearest readers & listeners, I believe that one does not have to be a celebrity for one’s life story to be told.

Quite the opposite in fact.

The most intriguing lessons are to be found in what one might consider the mundane occurrences of everyday life and readily dismiss without a second glance.

So why don’t we combine my passion for writing with your desire to tell us all an awe inspiring tale?

Do contact me if you’d like to make your life’s defining events known to the world at large (completely free of charge by the way) in the form of a poem that I shall pen on your behalf.

If you wish for me to publicize your name in the rhyme; I shall do so.

If you wish to remain anonymous, so be it. They do say modesty is a virtue of sorts although I don’t strongly recommend it on this particular occasion.

I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.