En Route

I’ve traveled in a rocket, two airplanes, four ships, ten buses, six hot air balloons, five submarines and in eight passenger trains too,

I’ve met doctors, authors, bankers, scientists and even a man who looked like Mr. Magoo.

I’ve debated in German, sung in Spanish, whispered in Russian and bid acquaintances and loved ones adieu,

I’ve seen romances bloom, marriages break, children rejoice and contracts forming anew.

I’ve eaten exotic meals, drunk odd spirits and even tasted old-fashioned vegetable stew,

I’ve sat in cold cabins, on heated seats and slept in some decidedly questionable milieu.

I’ve heard bad jokes, heartbreaking stories, disarming poems and wondered if any are true,

I’ve relished cool sunsets, glorious sunrises and sulked at dark clouds with no hint of blue.

I’ve read of brave exploits, of cowardly deeds and of victims who from our world unwillingly withdrew,

I’ve mediated conflicts, arbitrated disputes and dueled on occasion with a pugilist or two.

I’ve expressed wonder at Bonsai redwoods and at cacti that to majestic heights grew,

I’ve chatted patiently with irate clients, fawning vendors and the relentlessly demanding you-know-who.

I’ve yet to experience the cessation of all thought which will someday occur to me and you,        

I’ve been given to understand that when it happens one either ascends to Heaven or gives The Devil his due.