Don’t we all…?

Hello again my dear listeners & readers. I need hardly mention that we are fully submerged as it were in rather divisive times these days no matter where in the world we find ourselves in.

However, it is quite comforting to know that there are certain idiosyncrasies that oddly enough; many of us share in common that indeed make us realize that we are all much the same in our ways.

I hope at least one of these will bring a smile into your day.

Regardless of one’s state of mind and one’s velocity of travel, one must admit it is rather hard to not at least give a quick sideways glance at a mirror as one passes by it.

One can scarcely spend more than 2 minutes in a room that has a weighing scale without at least considering standing on it to check one’s weight.
After having checked one’s weight thus, one finds it hard to not think, “I didn’t know my clothing & shoes weighed that much.”
Needless to say, we have all at one time or another sent an e-mail without the attachment that we intended to send along but have any of us actually sealed & posted an empty envelope without the letter it ought to have contained?
After having spent roughly 15 minutes scrolling relentlessly through one’s social media news feed only to emerge thoroughly unenlightened, one turns off the smartphone or tablet only to refresh its home screen almost immediately to check the time & battery level.