This ‘calls’ for some fun!

Most people will agree that there are few things more annoying than a crank / scam call; be it from a real human being or from a robot who impersonates a person rather well.

On that note, I urge you to stay in touch with the latest developments. It is rather unnerving how well a robot can imitate both the male & female human voices with all of the emotions & nuances to the point where the imitation becomes indistinguishable from the real thing.

With the crank / scam calls however, I say we have some fun with it!

Here is an example that I thoroughly enjoyed just this morning:

Caller (from Walla Walla, WA): Good morning. Am I speaking with Ganapathy Subrahmaniam?

The pronunciations of both my first & last names were utterly butchered as it happens.

Me: Yes, this is he…I think. (I can already tell this one is going to provide me some entertainment…)

Caller: Hello Mr. Ganapathy. My name is Dinesh and I am calling from Microsoft. For the last 5 months, our system has been receiving several error reports from your HP computer. There are many malicious software that have been downloaded onto this computer and it could crash at any moment!

I have to say the sense of urgency in this voice was vibrant & almost convincing.

Me: Oh that’s shocking. What do you think I should do?

Caller: If you can give me your computer model number & IP address, I think that I can resolve the issue right away.

Me: Oh that’s wonderful. Thank you Dinesh. I do have 1 question though.

Caller: What’s that sir?

Me: My Lenovo computer; which is the only one that I own; hasn’t shown me any error messages yet. Can you please ask if it is suffering from an identity crisis since it has been sending you error messages over the last 5 months posing as a HP computer?

The call ended abruptly for some odd reason. Can’t always trust an AT&T network either these days.