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Brevity & Diplomacy

The ability to be both succinct and tactful in one’s response has always been and will continue to be a highly sought after trait in any field of human endeavour.

I’ve occasionally achieved the latter (mostly by accident I assure you) and I can confidently say that I’ve yet to be accused of the former.

However, with some practice & thought put into it, I present some examples here for your amusement today. Do feel free to use them if you think any of these will deliver you from impending torment.

How was Thanksgiving at your in-laws? Memorable

How was that tooth extraction appointment yesterday? Uplifting

How was the blind date last weekend? Insightful

How did that bet on the World Cup match turn out for you? Momentous

How is my grilled cheese sandwich sweetheart? Resilient

How has the stock market been over the last 1 year? Tantalizing

What do you think about my new room fragrance darling? Breathtaking

2 Responses to “Brevity & Diplomacy”

  1. Rick Dunn

    G, there’s so many you could add to this! Let me know if you want more!


    • coffeelover3780

      Hello Rick. Thank you as always for your comment. 🙂 I had another 15 such questions on my draft list but I gave that ‘brevity’ bit another thought…:-)


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