Preventing burnout at work

I had a lively conversation recently with a dear colleague of mine about how one can successfully avert burnout at work. Not deal with it once it occurs mind you but actually prevent it altogether.

I share these pointers which came out of that discussion with you in the hope that you might benefit from them.

I know that I have over the last 13 years and counting.

First, one must remember that no matter what one’s job position is in the organization, one is responsible in one way or another for others’ livelihoods if not their lives as well. This empowers one psychologically in a healthy manner by giving one a sense of higher purpose.

Secondly, one must learn to compartmentalize one’s work and life events. It is eminently possible. It is simply a matter of practice. One is either there a 100% or one isn’t there at all. No partials exist. Your job position may not define you as a person outside of your workplace but the reverse is just as true.

Finally, educate yourself by all means possible (i.e. reading, listening, videos, hands-on experiences etc.) until you find what you love doing. Not just like doing; not even merely enjoy doing but love doing. Being away from such a calling must cause one to miss it immensely.

Think about a child playing with his/her favourite toy. When was the last time you came across a child who grew tired of playing with it and voluntarily put it away?

Such boundless enthusiasm will certainly infect & inspire others in a beneficial way as well.