Season’s greetings…?

My dear friends, readers & listeners, you are most welcome to call me old fashioned but I prefer the far less euphemistic Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

 I present to you a small poem for your amusement as I take stock of what 2018 has brought us (and taken away from us I might add…ironically enough):

January taught me & my family that even the Southern United States can get painfully cold,

February showed me that no Superbowl outcome can ever be foretold.

March enlightened us all on the fact that ‘Novichok’ means more than just novice in Russian,

April demonstrated that the North & South Korean leaders met with little to no repercussion.

May had 25% of our planet witnessing a young Royal wedding,

June had Saudi Arabia showing its driven women where that country is heading.

July took lives even in Quebec from its heat wave,

August saw Apple in its very own $ 1 trillion enclave.

September ushered in an unwelcome earthquake & tsunami in Indonesia,

October made cannabis transactions in Canada considerably easier.

November gave us an InSight into Mars,

December bade a final farewell to George H.W.Bush as the world reads his memoirs.