Sweet memories

One’s mind can remember tastes & textures from long ago

I vividly recall the very first time that I ate a chocolate bar ice cream. My late maternal uncle bought one for me as a treat after my first and only visit (so far…) to the Taraporewala Aquarium in Bombay (now Mumbai) with him.

I have been to several other aquariums around the world since then of course and although I can’t recall any of the details of my first aquarium visit (or most of the others for that matter…), I can practically taste and feel the smoothness of that first chocolate bar ice cream even now in my mind.

Sugarcane juice is an evergreen favourite summertime drink in India & other tropical countries

Growing up in a tropical country like India, my sister & I always looked forward to drinking a glass or two of sugarcane juice; especially on summer afternoons during a trip to the local market with our parents. On one such occasion, we returned home and in a few hours; my sister suffered a severe stomach ache that lasted the rest of that night.

I was only 8 years old at that time (she was 6 years old then) but the memory of her face contorted in unbearable pain haunts me to this day.

It was only 10 years later that I dared drink another glass of sugarcane juice again. Needless to say; it was perfectly harmless, fabulous & refreshing. 

Mumps the word!

I contracted mumps when I was 9 years old. My dear family doctor (who by the way is a medical genius and still practices his unmatched lifesaving skills) prescribed a pill to cure this dreadful disease that was about the size of a dinner plate. 

I am quite sure that the individual who invented the pill had no clue what mumps was.

My mother would grind the pill into a powder and mix it with honey to make it easy for me to swallow. That was my very first taste of honey which of course put me off this delectable golden treasure for the next 20 years before I took to it again. 

Since then, honey has been my sweetener of choice in a lovely cup of coffee.