A fine summer evening

Hugh: I simply can’t get enough of this song! It is sublime!

Heather: This song is positively incorrigible! I think my lunch is on its way back up!

Hugh: Nonsense woman! The composer has poured her soul into this melody..may it rest in peace.

Heather: Another few notes and mine will be joining hers soon.

Hugh: Have you no sense of style? What could possibly be better than listening to this?

Heather: Turning it off…?

Hugh: Well, if it will make you a little happier my darling, I can turn down the volume a notch.

Heather: Splendid sweetheart! Thank you so much.

Hugh: Of course my darling. You’re most welcome.  

Heather: Sweetheart, will you always do what makes me happy even if it means giving up something that you love?

Hugh: Yes my dear. Anything for you.

Heather: That is most adorable of you. Now be a darling and fetch little Timmy’s ball? He must have it back. I believe he left it on the park bench during our walk there earlier today. 

Hugh: But of course sweetheart. As you say. Anything for you & our little Timmy. You know that. Do please save me some steak & apple pie for dinner tonight? Will you be getting it from the same restaurant as the last time? The one on King’s street?

Heather: As always. They’re the best at it and they treat us regulars extremely well. I’ll certainly try to save you some my dear…unless the kids eat it all up of course. The little rascals are ravenously hungry all the time these days. Off you go now.

With that, Hugh sauntered out the door to the park nearby to retrieve little Timmy’s ball; wagging his tail as he went. A pleasant walk to the park and back is just what a young spaniel needs before a sumptuous dinner on a fine summer evening.