Can’t make this up…

My son (a little over 6 years old) finally asked me (for the first time) the all important question that is known to come around at this time of the year, “Papa, is Santa Claus real?

I looked him straight in the eye with my boundless courage for roughly 10 long seconds as he waited expectantly for my response; took a deep breath and said, “Hey, would you like some ice cream?

He did want some.
Earlier this week as I was hanging on to dear life by a thread besieged by a monstrously bad cold watching some American football with my family, my daughter (a little over 3 years old) walks up to me and asks, ” What’s wrong with you papa?”.

I told her that I had caught a cold.

She then asks me pointing to the television screen, “Did you catch it with one hand like him?” 
When Bruce Wayne has to move out like this, I believe we can all agree that things are getting indescribably rough both financially & socially… 

When I told my son about Murphy’s Law a few days ago, the very first question that he asked to broaden his understanding of the concept was, “Who is Murphy?