I need hardly tell those of you who know me that I take things literally almost all the time. It is in fact so difficult for me to separate the randomly dispersed sarcasm & humour in someone’s otherwise serious communication that for the sake of safety, I take it that everything he/she is saying is true. More often than not, much to their amusement at my cost I am afraid.

Not that I do not have any skills at all in being metaphorical mind you. I can manage that level of subjectivity under exceptionally specific & rare circumstances. It has just been so long ago since I did one of those that I can’t seem to think of an example to provide at the moment. It’ll come back to me I am sure…

Now then, below are a list of things that an ESTJ’s mind such as mine is bound to ask for grounds of justification.

I grant you that an ISTJ’s mind would ask the same questions as well. The only difference is that the ISTJ wouldn’t pose these questions to the general public as bravely as I would. They are far better at self-preservation than ESTJs can ever hope to be.

Why is this a Cube? Should it not be called a Rectangular Parallelopiped?
Surely it ought to be the Toronto Maple Leaves? A single team member then would be a leaf…

When I first heard someone use the sentence, “He is a night owl.“, the first thought that came to my mind was: “I didn’t know there were day owls too.” 

When I first heard the song “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”, I naturally thought: “Didn’t know we had any others to choose from.

I assure you that it is perfectly all right to express your sympathy towards me with a sad smile and a shake of your head. I get it all the time.