Coming together

There are easily more than 200,000 words in the English language as it exists in the present time. To be modest, I could only account for roughly 175,000 of them all by myself. I did have to look up & estimate the rest.

However, it only takes but a few of them to unite under certain circumstances to cause one a significant amount of cardiac turmoil.

Here is a small sampling of those near-lethal combinations for your perusal. I am sure that you have experienced at least one of these already. 

  1. After a hearty meal during one’s first date: “Credit Card declined.”
  2. Late at night on a lonely stretch of highway, one’s co-passenger delicately inquires after a refreshing nap: “When did that low fuel level light come on?”
  3. When one clicks the ‘Complete Order’ button on a rather expensive online purchase and after a few seconds that always seem like an eternity, the screen placidly shows: “Oops! Something went wrong.”
  4. One expectantly opens an e-mail or letter in response to one’s job interview and it begins: “Dear ___, thank you so much for…”
  5. The words “Package delivery delayed” appear in an e-mail regarding a shipment update of an anniversary gift ordered at the last moment.
  6. After barely making it to one’s departure gate at an exceptionally expansive transit airport with moments to spare before boarding, the words “Gate change announcement…” suddenly demands one’s complete & undivided attention (this is especially gruesome if the announcement does indeed concern one’s upcoming flight)