A matter of perspective

How the same one word can conjure up completely different thoughts in the minds of even 4 family members sitting together at a table for lunch amazes me.

For instance, my family & I (me, my wife & 2 kids aged 6 years and 3 years) were seated at a table for lunch when the following conversation took place:

Me (to my son who is 6 years old as he was eating a sesame seed topped bagel): Do you know that these tear-drop shaped seeds are called sesame seeds?

My son (with a rather audible sigh denoting his infinite patience upon being told the same bit of trivia possibly for a second time): Yes, I know that already.

Me (to my son): Did you also know that there are white sesame seeds & black sesame seeds?

My wife (to my son as she was catching up on some social media posts on her phone): There’s also ‘Open Sesame’…

Munching on that bagel with cream cheese and now some potato chips, my son is clearly all ears for this fountain of knowledge coming his way unsolicited.

My daughter (3 years old): Papa, Elmo lives on Sesame Street! We read that in Elmo’s Guessing Game book! (the triumph on her face was evident from her wide grin)

With a bit of a smile, I quickly gulped down the rest of my delicious Espresso.