There’s nothing quite like…

There’s nothing quite like…

  1. …the sheer disbelief one feels when that blessed soul from the opposing team catches a Hail Mary pass inside the endzone in the last 1 second of the game while one’s team was in the lead
  2. …the lovely relief that one feels while taking a deep breath of the scent of petrichor
  3. …the odd feeling of sadness that comes on when one’s favourite pair of well-worn jeans is put into the wash
  4. …that last slice of pie topped with whipped cream waiting on the table to test one’s iron will
  5. …one’s last night at what has been one’s residence for quite some time to bring on in an instant all the memories of one’s entire stay there
  6. …a full stomach, warm feet & a safe environment 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all my dear friends & readers.