Ode to Why

Nothing annoys a bona fide ESTJ more than not knowing why,

A close second in one’s almost endless list of nuisances is knowing that there are those who won’t even try (…to know why).

At such times one’s calm outward appearance will undeniably one’s inward tumult belie,

Neither the complexity nor even subjectivity of the matter would deter one in the least but one must absolutely know above all…why?

One sees a picture from days long past of people one only knows now but knew not then,

Yet a haunting melody instantly pervades one’s thoughts and a pining tear forms within.

One observes oneself so and seeks to know the reason with a modicum of chagrin,

What about this simple snapshot of a random moment in time caused this particular tune in one’s mind to play and the gray in one’s hitherto sunny day to deepen?

A young child walks into a room and glances momentarily at the television,

A tough game to last for hours has barely begun between two adversaries that are evenly matched and it is anyone’s guess who will conquer this mission.

Yet the child particularly inquires as to the name of the team in yellow and then declares boldly before walking away that it will be the other group that is forced into submission,

That does indeed comes to pass and when one informs this child the next morning of this news the only response without even looking at the herald is, “Oh that’s nice.” and merely continues with an English lesson.

The mathematical odds were fifty-fifty no doubt but it is the source of the child’s absurd confidence that one then begins to question.