Keeping it light

As I sip on a lovely cup of strong coffee this evening, I pen (…’key’ or ‘type’ simply don’t quite have the same ring to them, do they?) these anecdotes for your amusement.

I am almost certain that you’ll smile either because you liked the story or because you thought that it’s such a bad joke that it deserves a pitiful chuckle.

Either way, I trust they make your day a touch better amidst all the chaos & confusion that I am sure you’re having to put up with.

  1. A few months ago, during a meeting with some site managers that gravitated towards a topic having to do with a small number of us having to do a significantly large number of activities in an excruciatingly small period of time, someone said furiously, “There are simply too many chiefs and not enough Indians!” As everyone else was energetically nodding in agreement, I coughed a little as I sipped on my coffee and said with a bit of a smirk, “Well…one anyway.” 
  2. Last year, in a problem solving meeting with some of my engineering colleagues, we were given to understand that 2 external consultants would be made available to us in a week’s time to expedite the implementation of an identified solution. Their first names happened to be George & Gino. As one of my colleagues began to hopelessly swipe on her phone screen while complaining about a lack of network connectivity inside the meeting room, I let loose this nerdy gem, ” Come next week you’ll have 3G in this room. That ought to make it much better.” 
  3. On her very first day at work, an enthusiastic employee who had recently begun a fitness program felt compelled to show her co-workers in the employees break-room what a frog-leg bridge is. As her manager & I walked into the break-room to have our lunch, we too witnessed the demonstration and I saw his face turn a deep beet red as I asked of him, “That’s our new back end developer, isn’t she?”