Even in a planet consisting of more than 7 billion people (and I can assure you that there is simply no point in keeping up with the population count of animals, birds, insects, bacteria and other micro-organisms unless you’re paid handsomely to do so…), certain things can still be confidently classified as singularly rare.

Do be so kind as to tell me if any of the ones below strike you as more common than I currently believe them to be.

Coming across…

  1. …someone who does not like Clint Eastwood (regardless of gender)
  2. …someone who can read 5 Chuck Norris facts one after another (…that’s right, they’re facts) without cracking up
  3. …someone (aged 3 and above from anywhere on this planet) who can watch the entire Schindler’s List movie without cringing even once
  4. …someone sneezing with their eyes open
  5. …someone who checks to ensure that there is enough toilet paper available in the cubicle before sitting on the toilet seat (this ought to be the definition of the word ‘foresight’ in all dictionaries around the world)
  6. …a NFL season that requires one to count the number of wins by the Cleveland Browns using fingers from more than 1 hand
  7. …someone who has watched Mel Brooks’ History of The World Part I and did not go about looking for a DVD of History of The World Part II
  8. …that awfully innocent & trusting individual who does not look both ways before crossing a one-way street
  9. …someone who stops after eating just 1 Lay’s potato chip
  10. …someone (other than David Blaine of course…) who can provide an explanation of each of David Blaine’s tricks without defying at least 1 of the known laws of Physics