Easy on the eyes

As I was driving home on this fine November evening in Bossier City, Louisiana and it was already quite dark outside, I decided to conduct an impromptu social experiment.

This is what I did and the outcome my friends was absolutely heartwarming. It is at times like these that I am reassured that mankind has some hope left after all.

As I stopped behind a vehicle at a red traffic light, I turned off my car’s headlights to ensure that its reflection from the rear view mirror of the vehicle ahead of me did not unduly stress that car driver’s eyes. My car’s front automatic daylight running lights were still on along with the rear brake lights which makes it perfectly visible & safe when the car is at a standstill. As we got going again when the light turned green, I turned my car’s headlights back on.

As it happens, the same car was ahead of me for the next two traffic signals as well. I think he / she got the point because when I turned my car’s headlights off the third time at a red light, the driver’s side window came down and a happy thumbs up was made clearly visible.

It was quite a thin finger but I do believe (I hope anyway…) that it was a thumb pointing upwards.

At the next traffic light is when the marvel occurred. 5 drivers other than me did this at the same time. I was overjoyed at such a quick positive outcome of a rather suddenly initiated experiment.

Be safe & give it a try my friends. Your fellow drivers ahead of you at the red traffic light will thank you for giving their weary eyes a little rest after a long, hard day.