Intellectual drive

As far as human beings go, there are several categories of what we call genius.

It is my pleasure to inform you that I’ve actually met some of them. If you haven’t yet; you should do so at least once. In some cases, it is truly an honour. In all cases, it is a memorable event.

Some excel at Mathematics, others in Music, some others in Science, some in Athletics, some in Business & Finance and so on ad nauseam. After all, there are over 7 billion people on this lovely planet of ours at present and counting up…

There have also been in recorded human history some that shine in more than one field of human endeavour. It is so in present times as well.

This is the stuff of legend that inspires us all to get out of bed in the morning and get going.

Most of us anyway.

Then my friends come some of our fellow Homo Sapiens who never cease to amaze us when they’re behind the wheel of an automobile. An altogether new category of genius needs to be created to cherish & celebrate their invaluable contributions to mankind.

It would seem that some of them are highly-trained experts at population control.

In all other respects, these are most probably perfectly normal people mind you so don’t be entirely dismissive of them already…

Exempli Gratia for your amusement:

1) When a vehicle is trying to obediently blend into ongoing traffic on an entry ramp to an Interstate highway, the marvel on the right lane…adamantly decides to stay on the right lane at something like 55 mph on a 75 mph limit highway while the left lane has enough room to accommodate a Boeing 777. What do you suppose passes through the astounding minds of drivers such as these on the right lane (other than the uninhibited flow of air of course…)?

2) Many of our fellow drivers have yet to discover the true purpose behind…the left & right indicator light levers. For such gifted souls, it would appear that using these indicators before making the turn is tantamount to sin. They do however unfailingly use them after making the turn. An incredibly useful technique.

3) Keeping either the left or right indicator light on for roughly 10 miles at a stretch requires an astronomically high level of attention to detail, don’t you think so? They’ll eventually turn again somewhere, won’t they?

4) I suppose it takes a little practice to learn exactly where the gas pedal is located in one’s car and what it does when it is pressed. Even if one has experience driving an automobile for a few years or decades. This is clearly exemplified by some mental giants when one tries to pass them in a law-abiding manner using the left lane by coming up alongside them from being behind them in the right lane and then; all of a sudden; they find it fit to accelerate and do their level best to get ahead of you…while they’re still in the right lane. Indescribably brilliant minds.