The Veteran

The mission’s objective was crystal clear to the veteran and his comrades. Take no prisoners and do not retreat. Of course none of this was new to him. He had been and would continue to be the quintessential legionnaire for as long he lived.

Some things never change.

One need glance at him only once to realize that he was one the realm’s most fearsome warriors. His large head and pronounced jaw were instantly recognizable as the hallmark of a born trooper.

He and his fellow soldiers would be both an unforgiving spear and an unyielding shield until every man’s last breath when battling a foe; especially one as formidable as this.

Leave no man behind was a motto that was always followed generation after generation. Doing otherwise was unthinkable.

It was time to attack. Five hundred of them began silently marching towards the structure with uncanny order and discipline to conquer it and its inhabitants in as little time as possible with a view to inflict maximum damage and suffer minimal losses.

They had been spotted by the enemy. One look at the approaching war machine and this particular adversary knew perfectly well what the outcome of this aggression would be. They were better off leaving now than attempting to resist this oncoming charge. They began to scatter and evade at the same time but the aggressors proved far too swift and powerful.

In a brief twenty minutes, it was all over. This opponent never stood a chance.

Most of the termites were dead and the victorious warrior ants began to triumphantly march back towards their nest; some carrying their wounded and others carrying the corpses of the soon to be ingested vermin.