As I sipped on another delicious cup of coffee this evening, the following thoughts occurred to me.

I hope you find at least some of them amusing. Perhaps some of them have crossed your mind as well at some point in time?

  1. As someone who has a significant amount of respect for our planet’s serpentine inhabitants, I firmly embrace the following belief at all times: “Snakes have their place and we have ours and it’s not the same place.”
  2. Whenever a conversation about graying hair comes up, I only have the following to offer (accompanied by a short silent prayer): “I am not terribly picky about the colour as long as its still there.” Even so, I’ll have you know that I am among Jean-Luc Picard’s biggest fans.
  3. When a present day website’s save button is the symbol of a floppy disk, one is forced to come to the conclusion that seeking the approval of millennials & other young people probably wasn’t one of its creators’ foremost ideals.
  4. Just this morning, I was taking a hot shower while my son (a little over 6 years of age) was brushing his teeth right beside the shower and both of us were humming the Mission Impossible theme song. Quite the duo.
  5. I am rather happy that my children like the following things that I came to like as a child (suffice it to say that it has been a while since then): i) The original Pink Panther cartoons, ii) Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones & Part-Time Lover by Stevie Wonder (my son loves these 2 songs), iii) The 1967 Spiderman theme song
  6. Even today, every time I eat paneer (a type of fresh cheese used in Indian cuisine), I vividly recall every tiny detail of the first time that I ate a dish with paneer in it while conversing with a strikingly beautiful middle-aged lady seated beside me on board an Indian Airlines flight en route to Madras (now Chennai) from Bombay (now Mumbai). I was 8 years of age then. As I just mentioned, it has been a while since then.
  7. On that same flight, a dear cousin of mine chided me for stuffing my mouth full of peanuts. I recall that the bags of peanuts on board airplanes were a touch fuller back then. That I was only 8 years of age and ravenously hungry were simply not viable excuses. From that day on, I’ve never not thought about her whenever I even think about anything that has anything to do with peanuts.
  8. Roughly 5 years ago, for the first time, I rented a beautiful Chevrolet Cruze which was deliciously loaded with all of the available optional extras. Even such seemingly small things can make one considerably happy after having endured the indescribable joys of air travel these days for 6 hours. After a brief consideration of complaining to the rental office about them having given me a broken key and a car without a keyhole, I realized that it was a push-button start car. I expect that I’ll think of this incident every time I see that button in any car for as long as I live.